The photoblog of an amateur (aspiring) photographer.
All photos are taken by me unless stated otherwise using a Canon T1i/500D with kit lens or a 55-250mm zoom lens.


111129 - Light Show, Ayala Triangle, Makati

Under the lights

111129 - Christmas Light Show, Ayala Triangle, Makati

This played every hour, I think? They only had it during Christmas, so a lot of people came by to watch.

111129 - View from Ayala Triangle, Makati

Went here for my dad’s birthday. There were so many people and the restaurants were packed, but it’s such a lovely place. 
Long overdue post again, I know. :P

111026, 111027, 110101 - Namsan Tower

This was the view from where I stayed. I wanted to go back again but I never got a chance to. :( Maybe if I did, I’d have a picture of Seoul at night!
This ends my Seoul 2011 trip post! I hope you guys liked it. :) 

111031 - Myeongdong Shopping District

Most establishments are closed on Mondays, so there wasn’t much to do for me except to go around Myeongdong. The whole block is comprised of numerous streets filled with a lot of different stores, ranging from food, to skin care, to clothes and shoes. The street vendors only come out at night (with Seoul being a night city) so it’s best to visit at night…if you don’t mind the crowd. Otherwise, 11AM isn’t so crowded and most stores are already open by then.
I wish Manila could have something like this, instead of malls. Then again, there would be the issue of parking. :/